Ready to automate, scale and fall in love with your business again?

Have you ever felt like there isn't enough time in the day?

Fun fact: 40% of small businesses are spending up to 28 hours a week on repetitive tasks. That’s precious time that you can spend on tasks that will bring more profit, time for family, or even for yourself!




You're looking to grow your business without sacrificing results, profit, or your sanity.

You want to bring in more clients, but you already feel overwhelmed by serving the current ones and running the business as is:

  • You’ve started getting charge backs from frustrated clients and you know that if something doesn't change you are going to be in trouble

  • When it comes to your growth you feel like you hit a plateau and no matter which strategy you implement you can’t seem to breakthrough to the next level

  • You invested so much time, energy and money to get new clients....despite the great results they get you can't seem to keep them on more than a couple months.  
  • You are starting to feel like the business that you loved and worked so hard to build has you feeling resentful, burned out and frustrated.

What if you could be more productive, more effective, and more profitable in half the time?

Introducing The: 

Freedom Formula Accelerator

A 2 month done-with-you program that helps you create simple systems in your business so you can scale while working less!

We are going to get laser focused and accomplish 3 goals 

1. Build an automated Lead Generation System that is simple and repeatable allowing you to generate leads at scale

2. Create a Primed-To-Buy Conversion System so that you can that pre-qualify your next clients and make sure they show up to every sales call ready to invest

3. Build your Red Carpet Rollout it is time to kiss the days of shitty delivery goodbye.

By building a gold standard onboarding system, your clients know immediately that they are in the right place. With our signature program, your clients with not only get great results but they will sing your praises and tell all of their friends.  

If you are ready to get your time back and build a legit business that doesn't require you at every step. This is for you. 




Meet Your Freedom Formula Coach...

Hi I'm Heather Hargrove!

I totally get it.

After working with hundreds of clients in despair I know that owning an online business can feel like the walls are closing in on you every day…

I know what it feels like from the inside out cause I didn’t start out with a well oiled business.

Heck I didn't start out in business at all!

My journey started on the battlefield in active duty, there it became clear to me that to have meaning, life had to be filled with freedom.

Then when I returned home from active service I faced PTSD, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I had to define freedom in a whole new way.

How could I find my sanity and feed my family at the same?

I was lost…

But after investing in many of the best programs and masterminds out there, I discovered that most entrepreneurs aren’t looking for more money, they actually want more freedom too.

So I created a solution that is called the Freedom Formula.

I know it works cause it’s what freed me from being stuck at my computer doing mindless stuff.

Now my days are filled spending time with my kids, happily serving my clients and living my going to a movie at 11 am when everyone else is on the grind (it’s the simple things)!

And now that I have a scalable way to experience FREEDOM for me I want to share it with you.

In order to get you out of the hell hole you are in and back in to the FREEDOM you started this for in the first place, there are 3 systems we need to focus on....

This is for you if:

✔️ You love what you do but you’re feeling maxed out with no time for yourself or your current clients and the thought of bringing on more clients or even a VA makes you feel like pulling your hair out!

✔️ You are ready to grow your business - not just maintain it 

✔️ You constantly feel disorganized, but are committed to change

This is not for you if:

✔️ You're not willing to change your habits or take consistent action

✔️ You're happy with your current systems, and feel like your business is growing fast enough

✔️ You're resistant to change and don't feel motivated to optimize 


GIMME ACCESS TO The Freedom Formula


Some of my clients are cutting their hours in half, while having their highest revenue months. 

And others are feeling ready to scale without the tech overwhelm that was totally freaking them out before. 

Seriously, it really is much easier than you think!

Take a look at what some of our clients have to say: 

  • Access to the Freedom Formula Accelerator Systems ( Fill The Room, Primed To Buy, The Red Carpet Rollout ) 
  • Weekly 90 minute group calls
  • Tech support from Heather and her Team
  • Private community
  • 8 Done-For-You templates
  • SOP's for each system
  • Plug and play email sequence templates, page templates, and more!
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Let's really fast-track your success!

  • BONUS 1 -->Tickets for you and your team to the FREEDOM IN A WEEKEND 3 day in person event
  • BONUS 2 -->Exclusive access to TWO of your TEAM members
  • BONUS 3 --> New trainings added each month 

If you have read through this entire page....... 

and you are wondering if you're wondering if having a business that feels good, makes good profit and allows you to have a life is even possible. You know, this is this is your sign. Let's talk about it!

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